Thursday, 29 January 2015

Another shop

It wasn’t until I looked at the drawing here on the blog that I realised the perspective lines in the paving stones were going the wrong way. A bit of Photoshop later and they looked better. I’ve also used some photos I took locally as a starting point for another shop.

I added flat colour to both and now have a set of colour separations ready for the risograph. I’m hoping they will look similar to lithographic illustrations when finally printed

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Not so new subject matter

When I draw or paint I keep being pulled back to architectural subject matter. I especially enjoy exploring detail and decoration. It struck me that shops would make an ideal subject.

Out I went into the cold, cold snow (well actually sleet and wind) with my camera. It seemed like cheating but this weather is not fit for drawing outside.

When I started to play I found myself using holiday photos to piece together a fictional building instead. It must be a subconscious yearning for the warmth.

I'm hoping to print some drawings on a risograph machine.  I'm trying out black crayon hoping to get a lithographic feel to the marks.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

A response

I don’t often make work that responds to current events so this is an unusual piece for me.
At the end of last week I was playing with recycling shopping bags. I had some vague plan of monoprinting leaves and also trying to reflect the mathematical sequences that occur in nature using it to make a fishbone/leaf fold book

 Ironing out the creases on the bags seemed to have left the paper brittle and the structure started to split on some of the score lines, like broken leaves. Somehow this fragility seemed to resonate with the events unfolding in France. 

The way that more and more people (of all faiths and countries) responded to this outrage seemed to reflect the increasing number sequences I had been playing with.

So my leaves have been replaced by words and my numbers with pencils. For once it seems that a book is the right place to make a response.