Friday, 24 October 2014

Risograph Prints

The Manchester Artists Book Fair was well worth a visit. This year I went not only to see what was for sale but also with the idea of sussing it out with a view to trying to have a table myself next year.

I came away with more idea of how to display work and sensible pricing. As well as several books to add to my slowly growing collection. I’m not sure that I’ll manage to produce enough work to stock a table on my own but it gives me something with a concrete deadline to aim at.

Hot Bed Press (who organise the Book Fair in conjunction with MMU) were giving a series of book related workshops. I had booked myself onto the risograph/zine  morning. I spent the week before scanning , photoshopping and tying myself in knots with colour separation. I finally produced a three colour print which, when it dries, will form a beak book. The colours are a bit garish but I wanted to be able to see the separation of layers clearly for this first experiment.
Because the risograph uses soy ink the prints will take a while to dry. So I finally made a drying rack so that I’m not covering every available surface with drying prints 
 Though I do have to find two bits of furniture to hang the bar from when it’s being used.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Colour Separation Continues

I've been trying more gum arabic transfer printing but am having problems producing an edition of predictable uniform prints with three or four different coloured layers. I will persevere because I think it will come with practice but I have decided to also try making 4 colour etchings using the same digital images as the gum arabic prints. (I've only posted one of the images because blogger refuses to accept that the other one is a jpeg and won't use it)
 I've produced a set of CMYK separations and used peel n blue to transfer them onto aluminium plate.Before I bite them I need to work into them to stop out any bits where the resist hasn't stuck.
Further progress will probably have to wait until later next week as I'm off the the Manchester Artists Book fair tomorrow.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Finished Edition

The bard meets the hungry caterpillar!
 A finished edition of 5, plus a handling copy. 

Books are on their way to Jack, Ersi and Alison for 'Pay It Forward'