Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Gelli plate letters

I was given a Gelli plate for Christmas so I’ve decided to use it for my first ALAW 2014 alphabet.
 I’ve never used one before so I want to keep it simple. 
 I’m exploring how stylised a letter can be or how little of it do you need to see in order for it to be readable as that letter. I’m going to use these positive/negative shapes to create 26 abstract prints.
I’ve not decided yet how I’ll put them together.
 These last two are close to what I want - shame the Y is the wrong way round.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Exploring Personal Histories

As part of the experiments I’ve been doing for ‘Personal Histories’ I’ve been scanning family photographs.

My husband has an old family album. It’s quite small with leather covered wood boards (very wormy) and it’s not in the best of conditions. It’s probably more accurate to say that he has bits of a family album. Restoring it is beyond my skills but I decided to scan the pages and boards and create a digitally printed facsimile.

Of course I got carried away; having scanned the pages it was easy to create extra blank frames to add more photos that weren't originally in the album.

I printed it on cheap printer paper in black and white just to see what I could do with it. The images are concertinaed and the end pages glued to the cover. This was just a quick way to explore the idea rather than sewing but I quite like the way it opens out. 

 If I am more restrained with the number of pages I think this structure could be adapted to work with a chain of dancing dolls.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Updating the blog

I've spent most of today trying to remember how to redo the settings for blogger and learning how to add pages so that I can show finished work here. Think I've finally got it.

I'm now in the process of editing and uploading archived photos.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Wednesday off

I wasn't in work this Wednesday. In the afternoon my four month old grandson came to play. How does someone so small completely occupy several adults?

But in the morning there was time to play - more mixed media.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Time to play

In the final few days of the holidays I’ve had time to play. I’m exploring the ancestors in mixed media hoping it will generate ideas for print as well as a step further towards ‘Personal Histories’.

Having run out of gel medium I've rediscovered selotape transfer.

PS  A technical query
Followers seem to have disappeared off the blog. They are still on the blogger pages but I can't get then to appear with posts. Can anyone help?