Monday, 31 August 2020

Variations on a theme

For the NWBA theme of ‘Remnants’ I’ve been using gelli prints that were left over from other projects and using them to make a set of books all using the Reverse Australian Piano Hinge. 

I’ve enjoyed just exploring variations on a structure without worrying about the content. 

(what I'm not enjoying is trying to mannipulate images in this new blogger interface - I cannot get them to sit where I want them)

Friday, 28 August 2020

More Plates and Pirate Cruncher

Not much book making going on the past couple of weeks but I have finally finished the pirate cruncher.

And I did manage to finish the plates ready for printing for ’Isolation’. 


 I’ve also signed up for Hot Bed Press 20:20 again this year so hopefully this should push me into doing some more experimental printmaking.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Plates and Pirate Crunchers

 I've made a mixed set of stuff this past couple of weeks

A plate for the current version of Isolation. I need to make two more small ones for inside the front and back covers.

Multiple facemasks, this is just a few.

I've started a blanket for an anticipated new arrival. I couldn't handle the wool I chose in the shop and when I got it home and started to work with it it felt really rough. So I decided to use some from my stash. They aren't the colours I'd normally choose but at least they feel soft.

And the eldest granddaughter is three this month. Her mum says she'd like a cuddly pirate cruncher (from Jonny Duddle's Pirate books ). So far I'm at prototype number five but apart from a few details I think I've worked it out. Now I need to source some turquoise fleece (and add a few more legs).