Monday, 28 August 2017


Well I can move better but I still don’t bend or stretch easily. In terms of studio work this means I can stand at the drawing table and scribble, if I don’t over reach, and I can use the computer.

The materials and bits for the medieval book are stacked on the side waiting. I refuse to put them away otherwise they’ll get sidetracked and I’m determined to finish it.

In the meantime I’ve scanned the completed pages for the literature and games sections of the book, arranged them into layout order and saved them as a pdf (the nearest I could get to actually making a book). If you would like to see them please click on the image (they are at the bottom of the page)

I’m also having to rethink my contribution to the CollaborativeArtists' Books book swop #14(Nature). I was going to make multi coloured offset prints from a single collagraph plate but the roller at HBP I need for the this size of  book is rather large so I think it will be too heavy and too much of a stretch for now.

I’m considering snails instead at the moment.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Man Plans.....

And God laughs. Every now and again this proverb seems apposite.
Last week I had it all worked out.  I could finish painting the book section I was working on which would give me two sections to print on the Friday. Then this week I could paint the last section and left over bits which I could print on Thursday (today). And that would gave me a week while they were drying to work out how to treat the covers and to make the two end sections which are more ‘things’ than ‘books’. And finally a week to stitch it together, photograph it and get it uploaded onto the entry site.  Wildly optimistic, especially given that the whole thing is an experiment anyway, but doable, probably.
Last Friday I woke up and couldn’t get up. Moving was agony. Too much time spent bending over a worktable and not enough changing position and doing other things.  I can now stand (which means I can use the computer at the drafting table), lie flat and sit bolt upright, though none for very long and the transition between them is a bit tricky.
This morning I caught myself looking at the calendar thinking if I miss out a couple of sections and......

 I think it’s time to get real. I will finish it but slowly.
 On the plus side it does mean I can spend time getting it right rather than just OK. And the research and experiments I’ve done so far have given me a whole set of ideas I want to explore further.

Friday, 4 August 2017

A Sample

These are a few of the prints for the literature section of the book structure. So far I have planned, painted and printed four sections and have painted another one.
There are three more sections to paint. One of which I have planned out. To finish this book by the deadline I’ll need to have finished the painting and printing stage by the middle of the month. Tight but just about doable (I hope)