Friday, 24 February 2017

More creatures

I’m still spending most of the time at my parent’s house so making is limited to what I can do on their dining table. I still like the idea of making a book with my strange creatures, and I have an experimental idea in mind, but I’ll need my workroom for that. So, in the meantime I’m doing some artwork for a smaller book which may be used as an artist’s statement to go alongside the seascape print.
I’ve been experimenting with different colour media and I think I’m going to go with gouache and pen with some inktense crayon for details.
 I think the seaboar may have to lose the orange wig in the final painting.

Sunday, 12 February 2017


I’ve been staying at my mum’s this past three weeks while she starts to recover from a hip operation so I haven’t been able to indulge in messy play.

Instead I started planning a book to enter for the 23 Sandy Gallery exhibition ‘Wayfinders’. I began by exploring old maps which led to medieval sea monsters and then onto bestiaries. As usual it hasn’t gone in the direction I was planning, I think this book is turning into a print. And unusually for my work it seems to be getting a bit political.  These are some of my preparatory scribbles.

Although I was going for tall and thin I think I prefer the second one. It gives a more chaotic feel which fits the subject better.