Saturday, 14 November 2020

Recycling and folding

Carrying on with just using paper I wanted to see if it would work using a heavier weight painted paper.

At the beginning of the first lockdown I did a free painting course called ‘find your joy’. It was a good course but my joy isn’t found in painting. However I did keep one A3 sized piece of work because I liked the marks and limited colour palette. A readymade piece to experiment with, although as it is only painted on one side this made the book construction more complicated. 

 The book is made using every bit of the painting and nothing else. It has become my book for #areyoubookenough_recycle.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Just Playing

I’ve been experimenting with making a book using only paper. That’s not difficult I hear you say but I mean only paper, no glue, no thread, no extras. (I am allowed scissors and a knife).

I used A4 coloured copy paper so that I could see the joints clearly but I’m not keen on the colours, they are a bit sugary.

 Although the method of attaching elements and pages means there is some detail on both sides of the page this book definitely has a front and a back.

 The next stage is to devise one with a balance of interest so it can be viewed from both sides. 

And as an experiment here's a video in close up


Saturday, 7 November 2020

Emotional Times

It’s been a roller coaster of a month. My lovely dad died. And then on the day of his funeral Holly, our beautiful sixth grandchild, was born.

Making art didn’t happen much. Until last night when realising it was the NWBA zoom meeting in the morning I decided it was time to make something.

I went into the garden in the dark and rescued some leaves which I used to make a few double sided gelli print papers (the gelli plate seems to be my go-to method at the moment if I need something coloured to play with).

I used three of them to make slight variations on a single sheet folded book that I found in Alisa Golden’s book (she credits Paul Johnson with inventing it).

Version one has all the pages glued together and could be made with artwork on just one side of the paper. 

 Version two has one pair of pages left unstuck to provide a hidden space. 

And version three only has one page glued which makes an interesting structure with hidden spaces whichever way up you hold it.

 A small start but it was good to make something. 

(apologies for the colour in the photos - I thought I'd be clever and adjust the white balance for photographing indoors at night - I'll settle for auto in future)