Saturday, 30 December 2017

Where did December go.

Between Christmas (fourteen for Christmas Day including a two year old, a four year old and two babies under four months old) and decorating (which also entailed moving studies, bedroom and workrooms around) there wasn’t much time for creative artwork this December.

But today I managed to get into my beautifully spring cleaned and organised workroom and got my hands dirty - gelli prints to make a book which will meet my ‘Bakers Dozen’ target  of a book a month in 2017 (the book might not get finished before midnight tomorrow but I figure it counts if it’s started this year).
As for the final print for the challenge, I’ve got some words already set up in type at HBP ready for ink on my first visit in January.

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and I wish you all a peaceful, happy and creative New Year.

Saturday, 2 December 2017


It’s that time of year again. At our house everything stops for Panto in November.  Due to the recent arrival of a new grandson my daughter wasn’t in it this year but my son was the goose, my husband was the dame and I was busy painting, making and shifting stuff. I was particularly proud of the 9 foot high waterfall that the dame made her exit and entrance through (unfortunately no photos)

But I did manage to make a book. A while ago my husband and I were talking about the possibilities of combining his woodworking with my bookmaking and he made me a prototype scroll box. This month it finally got its scroll.
The box itself reminded me of a time capsule so that set the theme
and I decided to use a mobius strip for the structure to represent the infinite nature of time.
Initially I had been intending to use fabric make the scroll but needed something that would hold its shape and that I could print on both sides. In the end I use paper and digitally printed it.
It joins (under Dinner time!) with 4 tiny magnets.