Thursday, 26 June 2014

Productive few days

I’ve finished printing the covers and the book block for a swop through Artist Books3.0.
They are now folded, glued and are drying under weights. Hopefully these will be mailed out in a few days

I’ve also finished assembling the first alphabet for ALAW in a book. 

 It consists of 26 monoprints made with acrylic paint on a gelli plate (plus front and back covers)

 I was exploring how little of the letter was needed in order to make it ‘read’ 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Progress of sorts

I decided to make a concerted effort with Personal Histories this week.

I finished the digital illustrations, decided on a cover, printed laminated and stitched a prototype. I liked the idea of a hole in the cover to add another layer of transparency but it doesn’t work in practice. I think I’ll probably put a title in the central panel instead (when I decide what to call it)
Most of the images work but one of the gentlemen needs a stronger surround, at the moment bits of his image are disappearing when printed 
 I used a range of colours in this version to try to decide which to use in the final book. I’ve not made any decisions yet other than not the bright blue.
 I also need to consider some kind of box or wrapping to present it in. I’m not sure whether to use translucent or semi transparent materials or whether to box/wrap it as though it had been long forgotten in some cupboard.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


We’ve just come back from a wonderful week in Skye.
I collected tiny shells on one of the beaches.I want to use them in a book.
I found an Old English riddle from The Exeter Book (I’m already using part of The Ruin from the same source for the Artists Books 3.0 swop). Although it’s really about a conch shell some of the words seemed appropriate to go with my collection.

Exploring lettering (it’s a long time since I did any serious calligraphy), materials and a palette suggested by the shells and the beach.