Friday, 11 April 2014


It’s been a frustrating day. I’ve tried a variety of techniques, using traditional and more experimental media to add texture and to stop out the plate.I’m trying not to be too controlled with these prints and more open to accidental markmaking. Some techniques have been more successful than others.
Using a wash of graphic chemical block printing ink mixed with water over the whole plate, and then dropping in meths (it reacts with the water and pushes the pigment into interesting shapes) has worked in the past, but not today. It also takes ages to dry

So I used textured wallpaper to print white acrylic as a resit
I really like the way I can use oil pastel to get a drawn line of resist, using different colours to help me see the different applications between biting
The state of the plates so far:-

And the test prints from them:-

They need working into but I’ll see what happens next

I’ve been reading Jim Dine: A Printmaker's Document. He uses power tools a lot, I think these may be a bit small to attack with a chain saw but I’ve got a Dremel lurking in the cupboard!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these explorations Jac - I am intrigued by all the possibilities of stop-outs and mark-making! It's lovely to watch a printmaker explore and share so generously. Wishing you well with your next steps...

    1. I'm walking round them at the moment. I think the first two have potential and I'm trying not to let that make me get precious about them and I really am trying to convince myself to take the Dremel to the third, I'm not happy with it so I might as well experiment it to destruction


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