Saturday, 27 March 2021


I’m enjoying the monthly PAS themes that we are working on and sharing on Zoom. I’m enjoying the relatively quick turnover with deadlines and a set subject but unlike creating for an exhibition there’s no pressure to get it right so I can explore and experiment more.

The theme for this month is ‘Small’.

Inspired by Angela’s response last month, when she decided to work outside her comfort zone, I decided that I hadn’t made any painting based on observational work for ages and it was time to try again.

I dug out the shells (definitely small). I had decided to go one step at a time and make a sheet of studies first. So I purposely spoiled the white paper with collage and emulsion and off I went.

But it sort of grew to include text (this is part way through before I added a bit more colour and highlights to the shells)...

And decided it wanted to be a book.

 So I let it.


  1. love it, Jac, you should go out of that comfort zone more often !

    this is the link to the Jane Davies film on you tube (deli paper printing) A

    1. Thanks Annick I'll have a look this week


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